We could not wait till our friends’ Nikos and Hazel had completely finished their dream villa situated on beautiful Zakynthos Island in the Ionian sea of Greece,  An island that is known for its beautiful pebble stoned beaches, unique blue caves with turquoise clear waters and Navagio Bay which hosts the famous shipwreck. Two years ago we stood on the foundations of the villa and listened as Nikos and Hazel mapped out to us where all the rooms would be and last June we were there to help Hazel put together her amazing dream kitchen.  This past summer it was completed and rented out to two families or a group of guests to enjoy a simply beautiful ” to die for”  luxury villa with 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and amazing outdoor living spaces with an infinity swimming pool, outdoor kitchen, chilling out areas and its very own private beach. For those guests that wanted to take the night off from cooking, they could always find Nikos and Hazel in walking distance from the villa in their own established restaurant “Niko’s By The Sea” for a  mouth-watering gourmet cuisine.


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 Amoulakis Villa – Zakynthos Island – Greece

Nikos & Hazel

Contact hazelclean@gmail.com

Telephone + 30 6946987758

Niko’s By The Sea : Facebook Page//+(30)6947670624//Mikro Nisi, Skinari, 29100

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