Happy Tuesday everyone, today we revisit the stunning Greek island of Syros on our blog, where we showed you our first few days of our visit last week, link here> http://www.myonolifestyle.com/summer-in-syros/   In a short walking distance behind the towns central Miaoulis Square, you will have a breathtaking view of this unique cultured landscape of monumental buildings running right down into the crystal blue waters.  Here we found many beautiful small boutique hotels with private cafe bars, in particular our favourite was at http://www.hotelploes.com/ which welcomed us everyday.  In the summer months on the island you will find many “festivals” bringing the streets alive with traditional Greek dancing, musicians playing for late night entertainment or if you like you can relax in the many cafes and restaurants along the waterfront. 

We hope you can all visit here one day soon! ♥♥

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Shoes = Own Collection 

Bracelets = Stema By Stella:  Instagram & Facebook 

Sunglasses =Kapolis Opticians

Written by O.N.O Lifestyle

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