Happy New Year!!  Today is our very first Inspiration Wednesday for the new year.
New Year..New You is what I think we secretly want for ourselves every year around about this time. Having that in mind we thought that today would be a great idea if we could find some inspiration for you, beautiful products at great prices!
So we decided to choose three different categories. 1. beauty 2. fashion and 3. fitness.
Beauty because on our beauty bucket lists for the new year is to try new products and renew old.
Fashion because who doesnt love a new handbag at an unbeatable price and
Fitness because it seems that everybody is running to the gym with a resolution for the new year being to keep fit and healthy and that also includes us!
We chose our favourites for the week and hope you all find something!

[su_heading]NEW YEAR NEW YOU / BEAUTY [/su_heading]

CHEERS TO CHUBBY SET Clinique  37,50 €


[su_heading]NEW YEAR NEW YOU / FASHION [/su_heading]

[su_heading]NEW YEAR NEW YOU /  FITNESS [/su_heading]


Flower Pattern Cropp top Gym Outfits

[su_carousel source=”media: 8046,8035,8033,8031″ link=”custom” width=”1440″ height=”500″ items=”4″ title=”no” autoplay=”0″ speed=”800″]GIFTS FOR HIM-GREECE[/su_carousel]


Have a wonderful day and Happy Shopping!
XO Nicki & Ornella

Written by O.N.O.
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