Join us today and tomorrow as we travel around the world and share with you beautiful homes decorated for Christmas from my ONO Lifestyle’s followers.

Angela from New Zealand explains the meaning of Christmas in their household and writes “while our two boys are a little older now (Olly 14 and Quinn 11)the excitement for Christmas day is still building! Our Christmas tree has been in our family for more than fifteen years! As a tradition every year we pick a decoration to add to our tree so each one will hold a special memory! We love a real pine scent smell so we add a pine diffuser underneath the tree and burn beautiful Christmas scented candles, which give off a great festive smell and light! We also fill tall vases with fairy lights which add a golden warmth and brightens any room! Our day always begins with mouthwatering warm almond croissants, smoked salmon, plump cherry’s and bubbles! This year due to our beautiful summer’s weather here in Auckland we are foregoing the traditional turkey and have decided to enjoy a delicious seafood feast, washed down with plenty of champagne of course”!



angela-4          angela-2              angela-1

 angela-13        angela-17       angela-3

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From our family to yours Merry Christmas🎄

Written by O.N.O.
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